Applying mindfulness makes it real in life, in living!

Trauma is evident everywhere in our lives…It permeates our thoughts, actions and restricts us from fully living with a glad and open heart. It makes us a prisoner unable to control ourselves, unable to fully take responsibility for our lives and embrace the uncertainty as well as the joy.

C PTSD - A Way Out

I healed and deepened my meditative practice with application, application with every breath during the day. Entering a Zen center to strengthen my practice, I was different, not wanting to be awakened in a couple of decades, I needed to heal, stop my trauma from destroying my life, now, immediately.
Now,looking back this urgency to apply and heal made all the difference in the world.
Every time I found myself absent, dissociating during the day, I would apply mindfulness and come back to now. It was tedious at first, difficult but became easier and easier till it was habit.
Dissociating is the door blocking us and mindfulness has the key to freedom, peace, emptiness.
Mindfulness is not something you only do in private, it is an every second way to live.
Remember mind mechanisms are transient and not that important to happiness…

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