The view we have of ourselves is our worst enemy

Our biggest challenge is to change the talk we have with ourselves inside our heads. No one is as hard on us as we are on ourselves. Understanding how we come to view ourselves in such a negative light is the key to changing that inner dialogue.

Zen Flash

The view we have of ourselves is our worst enemy. Everyone has made up a persona, a mask that one wearsand we don’t want to see what’s behind it. We don’t allow anyone else to look either. After having had a path moment, that is no longer possible. But the mask, fear and rejection come to the fore. The best antidote is to remember again and again, that there’s really nobody there, only phenomena, nothing more. Even though the inner vision may not be concrete enough to substantiate such a claim, the affirmation helps to loosen the grasping and clinging and to hang on a little less tightly. The direction of the practice is certainly towards Stream-entry. However, there is nothing to get, there’s everything to give up. Unless that is done, the moment cannot happen, and we will continue to live in the same way we…

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