More Stupid Christians

Now that I have your attention… I wanted to post this video to stimulate your braincells… For the time being, forget who you are (Christian, Muslim, Jew or Athiest) and pretend you’re an Alien. Pretend you’ve come to this planet from afar to find out who this strange species existing on earth is and what pre-occupies their time. Aside from Football, Reality TV, Internet and Lady GaGa… what is it that makes Humans tick? Faith, or belief, would likely be a concept unknown to an Alien race visiting our globe, and a logical Alien (like the Spock kind of Alien) would find our passion for ‘religion’ to be ….well…illogical. Watch this video (pretending your an Alien), and see if you don’t find yourself wondering…”What the Heck?”….

p.s. – this article is not posted here because I believe Christians are bad… I just believe there are bad Christians….


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