Putin Sunglasses Meme

I noticed, back when the US was mongering for a war in Syria, that photo’s of Putin wearing sunglasses were popping up everywhere.  In one article by the National Report (a pseudo-msm news site) featured an article where the reflection in Putins glasses revealed a woman in the shower and some other suggestible imagery.  People reading the article on Obama’s supposed emotional breakdown might have missed the images, or if noticed, thought they might be authentic.  I wondered if the photo of Putin existed anywhere else and so Googled it.  It was upon doing so, that I learned just how many images of Putin in Shades exist.  I’ve compiled a collection for you here:

putin sunglasses 2 putin sunglasses 3 President Vladimir Putin Putin sunglasses 6 putin sunglasses 7 putin sunglasses 8 putin sunglasses 9


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