Our Authentic Selves…

Recently, I’ve struggled with the idea of my Authentic Self… who am I…really??  I’ve seen people, claim they are free, awakened and aware to what is going on in the world, who (despite this awakening) continue to follow a guru, a leader, a personality.  These personalities, be they politicians, anarchists, or religious leaders, promise us true freedom, yet by their very being present the slippery slope by which we enslave ourselves.  Who dares ask: What doctrine do they preach?, What benefit do they offer? What answers do they hold to the questions we have? This is a power that such personalities have… answers to our questions, freedom from our oppression, an outlet for our rage. The tragedy is that the desire for freedom, swings us like a pendulum from rejecting one personality (a Prime Minister, a Pope, a Teacher) in favor of another (an Anarchist, A Freedom Fighter, A Drill Sargeant)….still suspended by the same chain. So how to become truly free?  I believe the first step is to reject the personality entirely and to explore the motivations and aspirations of those personalities who claim to be working for our benefit.  You will indeed see a hypocrisy….and a choice.


One thought on “Our Authentic Selves…”

  1. Very thought provoking, your questions, thoughts, statements and the film provide much to consider. The lie can’t be sold if there are no buyers. Being fully present, without distraction, being willing not to be distracted but to be here, in the moment with ourselves is very difficult. Why is that? Much to ponder. Thank you.


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