Dublin Protester Peaceably Interrupts Mass To Demand Tuam Apology

During Catholic Mass today in Dublin, Ireland. A protestor peaceably entered the Pro-Cathedral and issued the following public statement:

“On the 12th of June, one day after the Bishops issued an apology, in relation to the bodies found in Tuam, Galway, Bishops Christopher Jones and Bishop Donal McKeown, blamed the families of Ireland for what happened. I came into this Cathedral on Friday the 13th, to complain about this and I was asked to leave by Father Damien O’Reilly. I’m here to tell Damien O’Reilly, Archbishop Martin, Cardinal Sean Brady, Papal Nuncio and Pope Francis the First, that they do not own this Cathedral. This Cathedral was paid for by the donations of the Irish people, through hard work, and was paid for by the blood, sweat and tears of the mothers of the (children put in the) prison camps of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland….and it was paid for by the lives of the children of those mothers that were put in these prison camps. I’m here today with this letter, calling on both of these bishops to apologise publicly for blaming, for continuing to blame the families of Ireland for what the Roman Catholic Church is responsible for. You are a witness to this letter. The people of Ireland have had enough. The Catholic Church, the Roman Catholic Church has put up it’s hands and admit to what it had done and claims that society has stigmatized the unmarried mothers of Ireland. Society did NOT stigmatize them, the Roman Catholic Church with successive Roman Catholic Governments, stigmatized the unmarried mothers of Ireland – NOT society! Thank You.”

The brief, but hard-hitting statement accused the Roman Catholic Church of deflecting blame away from themselves and onto the victims of it’s own policies and edicts. While controversy continues to surround Tuam, Ireland over the alleged discovery of nearly 800 childrens skeletons in a holding tank at a Mother and Child home there. Kevin Annett began rumors that there were indeed skeletons found there and that they bore the so-called tell-tale-signs of ritual (as in Satanic) abuse. He claimed this was evident by the fact that the remains were decapitated and dismembered. While gruesome as this detail is, it hardly substantiates the claim of Satanic Ritual Abuse on any, let alone all roughly 800 skeletons found there. Yet, despite this fact, many conspiracy theorists and alternative media outlets have chosen to irresponsibly run the Kevin Annett version of the story.

While he recently claimed to have plans to visit Galway, Cork and Dublin in July in a recent interview with Sean Maguire’s Out Of The Bag radio program. It is doubtful that Kevin Annett will set foot on Irish soil. This is because Kevin knows that the common public won’t tolerate outlandish tales of demon worship being performed on babies at Tuam. Their suffering because of a failure of fiduciary duty by the very church whose Virgin Mary stood as a sentinil of protection over unwed mothers and their children, should not be turned into a Steven King novel. Tuam is a serious problem for Kevin and he knows it. His mere presence there is to cheapen the pain suffered by families there and to pour a bitter salt on a too-fresh wound. Yes, Kevin would do well to stay out of Ireland for good if he doesn’t want to run the risk of being chased out of it.


10 thoughts on “Dublin Protester Peaceably Interrupts Mass To Demand Tuam Apology”

  1. Quote Heather: “Kevin Annett began rumors that there were indeed skeletons found there and that they bore the so-called tell-tale-signs of ritual (as in Satanic) abuse. He claimed this was evident by the fact that the remains were decapitated and dismembered. While gruesome as this detail is, it hardly substantiates the claim of Satanic Ritual Abuse on any, let alone all roughly 800 skeletons found there.”

    Wow, so despite the obvious ‘tell tale signs’ and despite numerous witness depositions from people under penalty of perjury about the existence of a ‘Ninth Circle Ritual through an international criminal common law court, you continue to choose to ignore witness testimony and the reality of what happened to those children?

    It is a FACT that over 800,000 children go missing every year in U.S. alone, and yet you continue using that stupid, meaningless meme created by paid sentinels for these socio/psychopathic people: ‘conspiracy theory’. This meme has been used consistently attempting to ‘slow down’ the thinking of most rational people on the planet after 9/11. And yet here you are attempting to utilize such a stupid term.

    Well, while you continue to work and enable these very ‘dark entity predators of humans, animals and plants with your ridiculous websites and silly facebook pages, you only serve to expose your own agenda to those of us who ‘see’ this for what it is.

    So, by all means knock yourself out…

    How does Kevin et all “cheapen the pain suffered by families there and to pour a bitter salt on a too-fresh wound…” by finally getting to the bottom of what’s been going on and who is behind these atrocities?

    Somehow Kevin et al’s actions do not quite match your accusation.


    1. Proof,Proof,Proof!!!!!!

      You said, “numerous witness depositions from people under penalty of perjury”… In what court? Where? If you mean the so-called made up in Kevin’s mind Tribunal…don’t make me laugh! There is no Brussels court under the auspices of the ITCCS….No address…no George Dufort… only Kevin and Alfred and a handful of victims following him. The ICLCJ resides on a webblog registered to Joshua Lemmens in Hope, BC.

      Ninth Circle? Soros chasing naked children through the woods hunting them??? Please provide proof…So far it’s all coming from Urgent Action Updates of Utmost Importance from the attic at Kevin’s house….

      Otherwise you are enabling a psychopath who is actually preventing REAL justice from being had. People in Ireland are taking matters into their own hands and as this video proves this ONE MAN is exposing the church…. not taping ‘Notices’ on the door that no one reads or gives a crap about. Inflating the impact of what he is doing is what he excels at taking the voice away from people like this activist. He’s asked people to occupy the churches and protest publicly…this is what this man is doing…Kevin’s visited Dublin umpteen times over the years and DONE NOTHING LIKE THIS. Go away and let people like this man take the Bishops to task…Otherwise you are part of the problem.


      1. The ‘proof’ is in the deposition affidavits under penalty of perjury. If not traversed remains truth in the common law. A jury must weigh testimony and evidence.

        A more important question might be, what are YOU as a soul, doing to bring criminals to ‘real’ justice? What is YOUR suggestion then as to how we might we do better than the endeavors of the ITCCS rather than demonize those who are actually DOING THE WORK?!!!



    2. No one has examined the bodies yet. In fact, they have yet to be exhumed. That is a fact. So unless Kevin Annett has magic powers…..how could he know what the bodies looked like? If you’re so well informed about the ITCCS, could you please give me the address of the court. I can have a Belgian friend of mine go over there and check out how the proceedings are going and hear some of the “evidence”.


      1. @’Athena Pallas’ or is it ‘Heather Martin’, or, is it ‘Greg Renouf’…

        Really? You KNOW that for sure that the bodies have NOT been exhumed yet???? Well, if you KNOW that then, hey, you MUST be the ‘public experts’ except your handlers do not seem to be too ‘transparent’ now do they????!!!

        The Galway County Coroner would be the one handling the bones and documenting everything in law. There will have to be an formal inquest at some point when the documenting is completed.

        ITCCS would have had to subpoena the County Coroner regarding evidence. Kevin would not be reporting this if he didn’t have that ‘formal’ information.

        At this point the Coroner is bound by International Law to follow through b/c the way things sit right now those Offices of ‘heads of state’ (Queen/Prime Minister/Archbishop of Canterbury/Pope etc., are currently convicted in the international common law with warrants out for their arrest) so their Offices are considered ‘abandoned’ at the moment.

        We see the Pope is having a pretty hard time right now too. He seems to have canceled a lot of his itinerary lately.

        One would think it would be pretty difficult these days to co-ordinate a cover up when ‘heads of State’ are already convicted themselves.


  2. Anisha, you shame yourself with your foolishness. If you want to write Greg Renouf I’m sure you know where to write him at. If you ever should visit Saskatchewan please contact me and we can go to Tims and discuss things. I can guarantee you I’m a very real person writing these words of my own volition (unlike the Anonymous Cowards Kevin hires to do his dirty work). Have you ever worked in an inner city hospital, Anisha? Have you ever seen someone overdose on a streetcorner directly across from the Community Detox Centre? Have you ever witnessed a 24 year old woman with Hepatitis C, Aids and MRSA die before your eyes? When you ask what my soul has done to fight the evil of this world, I have tried to provide a caring voice a loving touch a smile and a hug to those who suffer the Intergenerational effects of Colonialism. I speak to people when they are being racist and uncaring about the Native people in our community and remind them that they are a product of ethnic cleansing. I work to bring understanding and to expose where peoples ideas have the potential to do harm.

    I am a writer at heart, a Nurse by trade and have no other paymasters than the same government puppets that you do. You are no Freewoman and neither am I. Yet you judge me.

    You think that by me criticizing Kevin Annett for victimizing people and making each painful cause his stage that you are somehow better than me. Truth is that I can pretty much guarantee that at some point you WILL see how wrong Kevin has been in his methods and you will no longer tolerate this liar. You will come to this because you are good inside…your motives are good and you think you are fighting on the side of good by standing with him. But even good people make mistakes and if you were to ask the growing numbers of people who spoke similar words against me who now wonder how they got it so wrong, you might see the truth sooner.

    Kevin Annett would have you believe that he has insiders everywhere. He’d have you believe that he has a direct line to the coroners offices and has the inside scoop on what evidence there is or is not. But deep down you know that can’t be true, because Kevin doesn’t work with governments or agents of the State, does he? So your assertion that Kevin has discovered information that NO ONE ELSE ON PLANET EARTH has access too is simply delusional and desperate, IMO.

    Put your hero to a little test and start asking him these hard questions and see if his answers meet with your approval. Ask to see proof of his allegations…ask him for names, addresses, affidavits, etc…after-all he’s promised many times to make all this public….Yes, ask for proof that George Dufort actually exists (which I know he doesn’t because Kevin said so himself) and see what he says. Begin to doubt him and see just how quickly you will be turned on. You’ll be no use to him then and he’ll discard you like garbage.

    And just to do my due dilligence, I’ll email the coroners offices in Galway to confirm what you claim and ask them to provide proof of that Subpoena you say Kevin would have sent. Which Coroner did he tell you he sent it to?


    1. Dear Heather,

      Thank you for ‘being real’. I appreciate your passion and your goodwill. It is not my intention to demean or degrade those aspects of yourself that are good, noble and philanthropic. I try to be in service to those very attributes myself.

      That said, it is difficult to make discernments when name calling and accusations are put out in the public realm. I would like to ask you and others to calm down and try to refrain from such reactions. It causes confusion when we are trying to discern the truth from the falsehoods.

      Right now there is someone who is friend to Kevin receiving ‘death threats’ on their family. This is despicable. No one should be threatened by their support of something they feel is right. Everyone is FREE to associate at will. And of course this same protection of speech and association is extended equally to you as well.

      We should be able to honorably extend to one another our agreement to disagree until these matters become more and more clear based upon fact.

      Anyone with a conscience CANNOT just disregard the fact that 800,000+ children ARE MOST DEFINITELY going missing each year in U.S. alone and this should be a HUGE cause of concern by every adult. Thats roughly an average of 2,191 children per day!

      Kevin said nothing to me personally about the Coroner in Galway. I simply looked up what County Tuam was in and deduced from there.

      Its just common sense that the Galway Coroner’s Office would be the logical Office to deal with the matter of the children’s remains in Tuam. And if not, why not! And if not, who is and where do they get their authority?

      AND, it would be common sense that in order to be privy to details of this investigation and bold enough to make it public, a subpoena would be necessarily sent directly to the Coroner in charge to direct the results of the investigation to the International Criminal Common Law Court in Brussels based upon a record of a common law trial, depositions under oath, evidence of due process served to all of the accused giving them fair chance to respond and face their accusers. When no response and no show is recorded, the jury can only base their verdict upon the depositions/Affidavits under oath and penalty of perjury.

      Well, apparently, that verdict was completed last spring, 2013 and warrants for arrest were issued to a list of heads of state.

      While I personally need no ‘proof’ at the moment from Kevin or the ITCCS, I trust these things are in order or his reputation and credibility would be on the line for coming out all these years with such bold accusations.

      Yes, I think it is wise to check in with the Galway Coroner and seek clarity in the best way we know how without jumping to conclusions at this point.

      This is a huge process that will require many people who feel dedicated to justice.


      1. Thank you for your kind reply Anisha…. The offer for coffee at Tim’s still stands….

        I do not condone ANYONE making death threats against anyone. However, Kevin is responsible for death threats towards me and harrassment by ‘supporters’ at my place of work and an endless stream of people calling me all kinds of nasty names. I tried to leave this blogging business several times over the past two years… always feeling like there was much more to life. Then someone would email me…asking for help…telling me their story of how Kevin had promised to meet some group and bailed, promised them money and then asked for it…stuff like that. People have been disappointed, shamed, slandered and maybe worse. Enough people will one day come together (without me or Greg) and then Kevin will have no blogger to blame…only himself.
        I don’t EVER wish anyone harm…including Kevin or any of his supporters. In fact I denounce this behavior. So thank you for bringing this up…I’ll send my prayers…

        For the record there are 5 Coroners offices that could potentially be involved in the examination of remains from Tuam. Not sure which one would have received a subpoena…so I wrote them all to find out what they might know. (I’ll keep you posted).

        Regarding the Warrants… they expired this year….

        Kevin’s reputation is indeed on the line… he knows it too…. but I agree with your assertion that all truths will be revealed in time…


      2. Thank you for your offer of coffee. Who knows one day I might take you up on it!

        I am all for the original de jure American Constitutional Republic of law. Its principles of justice require that the people themselves must first prove themselves worthy of justice and virtue. Taking 100% responsibility for their thoughts, words and deeds. Innocent until proven guilty by a jury of the accused’s peers and that there should be no tampering with the witnesses or the jury so that all questions and third party investigations and verifications be made upon the record under oath.

        Its the people themselves who need to bring themselves UP to study the law, ask important questions, refrain from ‘politics’. Politics is nothing but organized corruption of the law to distract and obstruct true common law justice.

        We, the people, have to get wise, turn off the ‘tele-a-vision’, and ‘think’ for ourselves, be kind towards others and end these contrived divisions. We should learn how to be good ‘jurors’. Practice fairness and presume the best intentions of others until proven otherwise…

        I appreciate your due diligence with the Coroner. These are the things we can change in ourselves to pave the way for a just world.

        Have a good evening Heather and thanks for letting me know the results of your enquiry with the Coroners.


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