Saskatoon Health Region dealing with system backlog

Capacity is the problem, not the severity of cases coming into the ER… hallway patients and pods are becoming the norm and it is compromising patient safety. We are in a crisis that is being ignored. We have a healthcare system that is hemorrhaging from multiple wounds and we are worried about what kind of flower arrangement and get well card we are going to send it (referring to Kaizen and Lean). If our health region isn’t treated like a critically ill patient (AND SOON) we will see patient safety issues and critical incidents more and more in the headlines. I’m calling a CODE BLUE!!!!

Global News

SASKATOON – The Saskatoon Health Region (SHR) is asking people to be mindful of other patients when going to city hospitals. Officials say, in some cases, it’s taking patients two days to be admitted because non-emergency cases continue to backlog the region’s emergency departments.

SHR announced Monday afternoon it is seeing an increase in emergency room visits compared to last year. All three hospitals are experiencing longer waits for those patients seen in emergency, admitted for hospital care and waiting for a bed.

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“This morning when we did our bed rounds, some of the patients were waiting up to 48 hours for their admission up to the units, which creates a backlog for those patients who are just waiting to see minor emergency-type things,” said Corey Miller, SHR integrated health services vice president.

People are being urged to…

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