SAVED BY ‘ANGELS’? Boy says a miracle helped him lift car off dad’s body


Symbols of an Alien Sky

A Babylonian Tablet Featuring the ‘Tree of Life’, the Winged Sun-Disk and Angels and Gods

I’ve come full circle in bringing this amazing video to your attention. At the start of my ‘awakening’ I became aware of repetitive symbolism present in ancient artifacts such as stele’s, tablets, scrolls, cave-wall paintings as well as more modern day art and architecture.  How did primitive (so-called) societies, separated by oceans both physical and of time, share the same imagery and symbols depicting stars and planets, swirls, wheels, and giant revered ‘gods’?

A new (perhaps to you) theory that our universe is highly energized with electricity and plasma energy has also incorporated ancient archetypes (myths and legends using imagery) to explain what it was that our ancestors viewed in the ‘heavens’.

The Thunderbolts Project is an endeavor to explain what remains a mystery to most of humanity and to bring a new science to the academic world.