Relief, hope and gratitude in RUH Recovery Room

A light at the end of the tunnel…


Walking into the recovery room at Royal University Hospital early this afternoon, a quiet calm greets you. Registered nurses Lynn Rideout and Brenda Kroeger, who coincidentally trained together over 30 years ago, stand in near disbelief and will tell you, this is not the norm.

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Nursing home health-care aides need more training, suffer ‘worrisome’ burnout: study

Front-Line staff in Nursing homes and hospitals across Canada are experiencing a crisis; one that is being ignored by Health Regions and government officials alike, and it is our most vulnerable in society who are suffering because of it.

Fishmonger Fearmonger

Fellowship of the Minds




a person or store that sells fish for food.



Someone who spreads fear, or needlessly raises the alarm.

Selling Fish and Selling Fear


Yes! I’ll have some haddock today, and some Maine lobster tomorrow. Some baked stuffed shrimp would be a real treat. Or how about a bucket of Chesapeake Bay blue crabs with old bay seasoning?


I like mine straight up. Maybe a little Glenn Beck with a dash of Alex Jones. And you can’t beat some good old Honky Racism, a white blood sucker dish with Louis Farrakhan sauce.  And for the more ordinary palette, we can put up a side of Fox Breaking News ALLERT. Now if you feel daring there is also some survivalist hot sauce. Or, how about an appetizer of EMP attack?

Then again… 

Maybe I’ve had enough fish and fear today. Something happier might suit my taste. I know!!!

How about…

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July 17, 2014 Israel starts ground attack in Gaza

Pope Francis visited Israel back in May, encouraging peace talks between Israel and Palestine, effectively making the statement that he could do what Obama had failed to do. A month and a half later as Israel’s forces begin a ground offensive in Gaza, the Vatican appears strangely silent on the recent weeks slaughter of 233 Palestinians and One Israeli citizen. Will there be an official statement from Pope Francis? Or will he fulfill Prophesy by bringing in a ‘forced peace treaty’ as foretold in the Book of Revelation?
Few agnostics, athiests and men and women of faith can hardly ignore this harbinger and what it may portend. My prediction is that if Pope Francis brokers a treaty he will install himself on the throne of God and maybe that’s been the plan all along…

Twelve Books - Rapture, Antichrist, False Prophet, End Time Signs, Bible Prophecy, Nando

The middle east is heating up by the day. In the news below it shows Israel moving into a ground offensive in Gaza. Its proxy ally Iran collapsed the talks on nuclear issues with the six world powers and ISIS is doing their thing in Iraq.


Israeli PM orders ground offensive in Gaza: official statement

Israeli soldiers ride on a military vehicle near the Israel-Gaza Border, Thursday, July 17, 2014. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu later Thursday instructed the military to begin a ground offensive in Gaza , an official statement said.






JERUSALEM, July 17 (Reuters) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday instructed the military to begin a ground offensive in Gaza, an official statement from his office said.

Reuters witnesses and Gaza residents reported heavy artillery and naval shelling and helicopter…

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Dr. Oz Grilled by Congress over Promotion of Supplements

After 800+ shows touting the benefits of pseudo-supplements with little to no scientific backing, Congress has called Dr. Oz in and raked him over the coals. Sen. Claire Mckaskill blasted Mehmet, saying:

“I’ve got no problem with celebrity endorsements of any product but I do have a problem when a science-based doctor says something is a miracle when there’s no science to back it up.”

Dr. Oz has been known to promote supplements ranging from green coffee to ketones. Here’s what he has to say about the following “nutritional” supplements (which have little to no scientific backing):  Read more at

Lessons from Tuam: an essay

More on the controversy surrounding Tuam…. Will digging in the dirt bring answers to the allegations… will it bring peace?

The Catechesis of Caroline

So it seems that the narrative about the bodies of 800 babies ‘dumped in a a septic tank’ in the grounds of the former children’s home in Tuam has finally unravelled as I predicted last week.

The post met with an overwhelming response – it was never my intention to garner or generate controversy, let alone defend the indefensible, but to cast a critical eye over what seemed to be some very implausible headlines.

It seemed beyond belief that nuns who were purported to be in the grip of religious fervour, would ignore its basic tenets, rites and rituals and simply tip the corpses into the sewage pit. Nothing is impossible, but an examination of the logisitics and historical evidence to the contrary (such as the tender for coffins) showed that the story was the result of febrile imaginations and a confirmation bias. A gruesome motif symbolising the brutal, vicious…

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Tuam Babies: The evidence

An Investigation… and an independant one funded entirely by the Catholic Church and not by the taxpayers must be undertaken. Otherwise there are only allegations and the denial by the Catholic Bishops and the deflection of blame onto the unwed mothers. There are only allegations of Satanic Ritual Murder and dismemberment and decapitation circulating on the internet. The reluctance by the Gardai to do their job is what perpetuates conspiracy theories about what went on there. How will the Gardai step up? When people come together and demand that they do. Witnesses are coming forward publicly to describe what they know about the burial of children throughout Ireland and abuses suffered by them. This is the story that is being denied but can no longer be silenced. But the story must be tempered with facts and not hysteria or else it will be doomed to be buried along with those children.

Philip Boucher-Hayes

Tuam Home

My brushes with officialdom on the subject of this scandal in the last 48 hours suggest that many still feel there is little or no evidence to support the claims the Bon Secours nuns buried 796 infants and children in a disused septic tank.

This is wishful thinking. Although the evidence falls far short of what would be required in court it indisputably makes the case for a Garda or state investigation.

1) The testimony of Frannie Hopkins


Seen here standing on the site of the burials Frannie and his friend Barry Sweeney uncovered the grave in 1975. You can listen to his testimony about three minutes into a podcast of my report on Drivetime from 4/6/14. He is credible, has no reason to lie and is supported by other eye witnesses. It suffices to say his evidence proves there are bodies there. But how many and belonging to who?

2) Births…

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