Request a Tarot Reading

heirophant ACTarot cards are a tool to access the innate and inherent knowledge that the seeker already possesses to answer his/her own question.  The cards act as keys that unlock the subconscious aspect of the higher mind so that the seeker is able to find a clear path through the darkness towards the light.  The Holistic use of the Tarot acts as a road-map and compass rather than just a predictive tool as is portrayed in many a B-grade movie featuring gypsy fortune-tellers.  The ability to help others access their higher selves is a gift I have been given and one which I hope to share with anyone needing a little (or a lot) of guidance from the Universe.  If you are such a person, please click the button below to request a reading with me.  I use a variety of decks that suit the seeker and the nature of the question so please be specific as possible so I may best meet your needs.


Three Card Reading

A simple and yet revealing card spread to answer your question of where you are likely headed given where you were and where you are now.


Celtic Cross Enhanced Reading

A variation of the Celtic cross that allows for additional cards to add greater context to the outcome card in the Celtic Cross. The reading is completed within 2-3 days and emailed to you via the above contact form.